Black Hole

Oh my gosh it’s June, whoops. I guess my New Year’s resolution is pretty much botched at this point. Nevertheless I have been working on some photos. This is an image reminiscent of the newly released image of the black hole at the center of Messier 87.

Like most of the others I’ve made, it was a complete fluke that I discovered this image. My girlfriend and I were getting coffee one day and I took a picture on my Samsung Galaxy s8 of here finished cup. Months later I was reviewing maybe a hundred or so photos and none of them really turned out.; this was one of the only images I haven’t touched. I’m consistently surprised at what sorts of colors and data I’m able to crank out of these images. Not only that, but it’s astounding to me how much we are able to travel without having to go anywhere at all.


Imaginal Space Travel Update #001

I’ve been thinking a lot about who gets to go to space, and more to the point, who gets to decide how we go about exploring. The questions that drive space travel aren’t necessarily the questions that are being asked by humanity, they’re the questions of a select few who have had the privilege of time to wonder.

Here are some newer pictures.

– Jesse


My roommate and are doing the r/MarvelStudios re-watch into Infinity War and this week was Ant-Man. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed this movie; it’s non-stop fun the whole time. And considering it was stuck in production since 2004, that’s a pretty sweet achievement.

Superheroes and their powers are only as interesting as the film writer is creative. The big fight scene in Civil War will always be a little bit of a disappointment to me because there aren’t any ants involved. It’s a third of his power at this point! Not a single ant is useful in this scenario? I don’t buy it. Endgame will forever be a 1/10 if there aren’t any ants in it.

UPDATE: Ok, so there are ants in Endgame, but they don’t do that much. 6/10.


Imaginal Space Travel

Most of what I like to do is escape. I watch movies, read comics, etc to avoid dealing with certain realities as we all do.  I’m literally watching the Incredibles while I type this on the delayed train back to Kansas City.

I needed a phone wallpaper, so I decided to literally have it be a wall. I set up the tripod, took a few pictures, and didn’t touch them for a few weeks. I was playing around when I got that picture (the first image in the gallery) to start to look like Mars. It’s an idea that I’m going to keep working at the rest of this year.

– Jesse